High Performance

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-Classic Car Restoration/Mechanical Work
We will do any mechanical work and have years of  experience working on old Fords.


-Classic High Performance
We'll build you any engine you want for your muscle car using parts you want or the          ones we recommend.

-New Age High Performance
We'll install any high performance product you want us to on your late model Ford                 including but not limited too...

-65-18 Mustangs...both V6 and V8

-OLD-18 Ford Trucks

-Focus + Fiesta parts and accessories

-Consultation Services
We have lots of experience with high performance products. We'll recommend products and brands based on your needs and your budget.  We can also order any part you need!!!!

jonb347@hotmail.com for consultation and questions
Let Us Build You A Super Snake
Owned and Operated by the Bowen Family Since 1922
12 Time President's Award Winning Dealer  
Let Us Install A
Vortech Supercharger