Customer Testimonials
“Excellent service, honest, [you] can take their word to the bank” - R.B.

“Great, wouldn’t go anywhere else” - B.B.

“I have been buying from Bowen’s for many years.  Although I now live in NY State, I will continue to buy from Bowens in CT.  There isn’t a dealer here in Rochester that could ‘hold a candle’ to Bowens for service and costumer treatment!” - R.W.

“Best dealer ever”

“Bowen’s is the best dealer you have” -T.S.

“Good, very honest” - W.T.

“Excellent experience, I would definitely purchase another vehicle from Bowen’s.  Excellent staff, and excellent attention to the customer” 

“I would like to thank Steve and his group for such wonderful work”

“Excellent!!!!!!!!!!” - P.W.

“Steve Bowen and his team were outstanding.  They were caring, thorough and focused on making our buying experience as hassle free and pleasurable as possible.  This is an outstanding dealership! Thank you Steve and team” - T.P.

“Easy to do business with.  Bowen’s found the truck I wanted and gave me a fair price”

“Very very good” - M.W.

“I wish to commend the sales rep I worked with in ordering my 2013 Explorer XLT, his name is Marshall Cataldi.  This is the only time in over 40 years that I can say that it was a car buying/shopping experience that was pleasant and not fraught with sales techniques full of pressure to spend more money” - S.D.

“Great folks, no pressure” - B.S.

“This is the fourth Ford I have bought at Bowen’s.  Their service has always been excellent and they are always accommodating” -S.M.

“Really appreciate all Bowen’s did to make sure they could provide a car to meet my needs.  They truly went above and beyond!” - C.B.

“[It] has been a pleasure to deal with Steve and the rest of the dealership. Thanks”

“I couldn’t be more satisfied” -L.C.

“Bowen’s seems to have the old fashioned service that you don’t see much anymore.  I am so happy I bought my car from them.  I wouldn’t hesitate to go back, and I have recommended them to several friends” - L.N.

“Both my husband and I have been dealing with Bowen’s Garage for over 30 years.  Unlike other dealers in the area, they are the best at giving you the very best price right from the get go.  There are never any harassing calls about whether you have made a decision or any pressure on purchasing a vehicle.  They are completely honest and caring with their customers from the sale and through the many years of service of the vehicle (no matter how long you hang onto it).  The service you receive from this garage is always top notch” -J.R.

"We are very happy Bowen's Ford customers and will continue to purchase and service our vehicles with Bowens. We only shop at Bowens. -R.G.

"Bowen's Garage is a very interesting place to visit and buy a car. It is a very old fashioned place and so nice not to have a big high volume dealer to deal with. They are not out to make a sales quota or if they are they do not give you high pressure to purchase, they are laid back and VERY nice. Will never buy from those new dealerships you see everywhere today. Never! No pressure at Bowen's! Buy if you want or browse at your own speed and make up your mind, no pressure to buy buy buy." -S.W.

"In all the years that I have dealt with car dealers, Bowens is by far the best. And as for Ford products, I have had at least one Ford every year since 1980 and really have not had any problems. I love my Fords." T.B.

"Bowen's Garage is THE BEST!!" - H.Y.

"I have dealt with Bowen's for many years because they do a great job with the sale, but more important to me is the service after the sale, and it is excellent. That more than anything else keeps me coming back to Bowen's." -J.D.

"Bowen's Garage was very understanding through the whole process. Very nice people. They even picked me up from the airport to bring me to their dealership which was an hour away." -J.M.

"Can't say enough good things about Bowen's - they always take good care of us. We know we can trust them." G.N.

"Steve Bowen and his crew are the reason I buy Ford products, trustworthy, dependable, friendly - I'll never go anywhere else." D.G.

"I have known the Bowen Family for years and would not think of purchasing a vehicle from anyone else. Every chance I get, I recommend them to friends. The Bowen's are well respected in the area." N.L.

"This was Bowen's 1st lease. Even though it may have taken a bit longer than usual, they kept me informed. Salesman was very polite and respectful. I do not see that often at other car dealerships." S.B.

"Bowen's Garage is the only place I go to buy a new vehicle and to have my vehicles serviced. This is the fourth vehicle I have bought at Bowen's, and the main reason I return there is that I trust them so very much both with the purchase and the maintenance of my vehicles. You have to visit Bowen's to understand the 'aura' of them. It is like a family-friendly place from decades ago to go and have a cup of coffee or soda. They know me, my vehicles, my family, and I never worry that I am going to be cheated or ripped off on any transaction. My sister now buys her cars there also, and she lives 70 miles away. My dad has his 2001 Ford Focus serviced there, and he also lives 70 miles away. That is the level of trust that customers have in Bowen's garage, once a customer, always a customer! The sales experience was fine also, I got carried away on my praise of Bowen's, sorry!" N.A.

Owned and Operated by the Bowen Family Since 1922
12 Time President's Award Winning Dealer